Our Vision

Build local community for local customer success managers across EMEA.

Create a community-of-best-practice for European CSMs.

Become a leadership hub for customer success networking, events, thought leadership, training and jobs.

Establish customer success as a recognised profession.

Be recognised for diversity and inclusion across the community, particularly promoting women and minorities in and to leadership.

 The Founders Team

We are an Aussie-Brit, a Indian-British-Aussie, and Irish-Aussie, a Brit living in Ghana and we are super passionate about helping grow the profession of customer success in Europe. We started this as strangers, and we come together now as friends and each other’s support network to help make CustomerSuccessNetwork.org a community CSMs value being a part of.



The Visionary

I started my customer success career at Yammer / Microsoft as a CSM and then as an Adoption lead in one of the world’s largest onboarding service, FastTrack. I am currently on a career break to build the community and spend some time with my young children.​ I am currently a Director of Customer Success at Swoop Analytics.

My goal for the community is to create a collaborative, supporting, driven and fun culture for CSMs across the region.



The Connected

I have worked across the entire tech value chain in three countries (and continents). I started my customer success journey at Salesforce managing its India portfolio and their top 5 customers. A three month break after returning to London with my family, prompted me to do something different. I now have an advisory business focussing on SaaS sales, customer success.​ I am currently Head of Customer Success at WNDYR.

I’d like to see this community grow in maturity and skill to continually demonstrate the value of customer success in business.​



The Engine

I am very enthusiastic in articulating product value back to the customer for them to achieve their greatest ambitions, as well as passionate about scaled and tech touch programs. I believe best practices sharing and learning agility are the best way to achieve success and unleash people's potential. I am currently running the CSM team - both high touch and low touch - and the CS Strategy in EMEA at Box. 

I am passionate about helping Customer Success Managers connect and learn from each other. 



The Reality Checker

In 2017 I decided to pivot my career to become a customer success leader, after working in programme management and consulting roles across the telecoms and resources sectors. I’m currently Head of Customer Success at Resolve Systems.​

I’d like to help grow quality events for customer success managers where people can share best practices and meet other CSMs.



The Inspirer

Kellie has always been passionate about helping those around her grow. Kellie was VP Customer Success at Artesian before taking a sabbatical with Challenging Heights working towards the end of child slavery in Ghana. When Kellie returns to the UK, she’ll continue to develop her consultancy business, ForseLucas. ​

Kellie’s goal for the community is to help customer success managers have access to learning resources and create support networks to help people be the best they can.

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